Lara Croft Bikini Story: "Croft 2"

You immediately slow the grinding of your cock and make a deep and steady thrust. Just as your balls rub against her lips you ask, “like that?”

“Fuck,” she breathes, closing her eyes and basking in your divining pleasure, “Just like that, yes.”

You realize it may have been temerarious to assume that Lara would be eager to switch to hard fucking so soon. If the evening in the opera house and the ride home in the plane had been any indication, Lara was the type of woman who wanted everything to last longer. She wanted her sex to be slow and tantric, every twitch of pleasure needed to be built on the last one until a great wall of orgasmic energy was built…

Fuck her too hard and too fast, however, and that wall would become friable.

You lean over her and begin kissing her back again; bracing yourself up on the back of the couch to piston your cock in and out of her pussy.

She starts to whimper; her shoulder blades move about underneath her sun-drenched flesh and create sudden ridges and valleys for your lips to hungrily explore.

“You feel so good inside me,” she whispers, that accent still drives you wild. Her bangs have fallen across her face and all but her lips are hidden. You crane your neck and slide your tongue lethargically across them. You feel her smile grow and soon her tongue is sliding wetly against yours.

She pets you with her lips and tongue, sucking and nibbling on your lips. It feels so personal and sexual to you that it torments your aching cock.
You are buried as deep as you can go. The angles of your steamy union are so perfect that your balls are pressed firmly against her lips. She writhes against your cock, speaking the international language of lovemaking.

She wants more.

“I want to kiss your breasts while I fuck you,” you say.

She’s in such a daze that she can only mumble, “Umm hmm.”

In a moment your limbs are sliding softly against one another. She grumbles a little as your cock slides out of her body, but smiles as she finds herself being pulled onto your lap. Her hair falls across her regal features, the thick braid falls across your shoulder.

She’s sitting in your lap, facing you with her arms around your neck. Your cock is trapped beneath her and bent at an awkward angle towards the ground. You lift her by the ass and your cock erupts upwards like a catapult. Lara lazily strokes it a couple times with a tight fist before hungrily engulfing it again with her pussy.

“That is much better,” she smiles; grinding against your lap. “It’s everything I imagine it would be.”

You express your own gratitude by kissing her strongly on the mouth. She responds hotly, sucking on your tongue and lower lip.

In this new position you find more parts of her body to play with. Your fingers and thumbs graze over her nipples, they are hard as diamonds in a sea of softness and when Lara finishes with your lips you quickly drop your head to suck on them.

While plowing her from behind had been sexually satisfying, you find that this much more intimate position is also more fun. The entire expanse of her breasts and her ever-eager lips are so close. It isn’t awkward to kiss her and fondle her breasts or rub the firm bulge of her ass.

She’s started to make gasping noises now that she’s in control. She touches your jaw with her lips and then her fingers, supporting her body’s rise and fall with her other hand on your broad shoulder.

She’s not a very light girl, her body may be narrow and devoid of fat but she is solid and dense with muscle and every time she comes down over your cock the tense grasp of her pussy grinds you inches closer to an orgasm.

“I think I’m about to come,” Lara whispers, as if the realization was a secret that would be better off left buried. “I don’t want to come, I’m having too much fun.”

You kiss her breast bone then move your lips over one of her nipples, sucking so hard hollows form in your cheeks.

She mumbles your name incoherently, letting her head fall backwards in ecstasy. You can read her body and see everywhere the signs of her budding orgasm.

“Let it happen, Lara,” you say after popping your lips from her breast, “cum all over my cock.”

“It’s so hard,” she says, stupidly. You don’t know if she’s talking about your cock or her ability to orgasm but the question quickly becomes ignored as her orgasm thunders through her.

Her lips open wide as she stares at the ceiling and her ribs swell with a deep breath. The muscles in her legs suddenly become very, very hard, and she stops her slow grind to just sit on your cock. She hasn’t stopped working though; you can feel her pussy cavitations tremor along your cock, working unseen magic.

It’s the inflamed crown of your cock, buried deeper inside her, that gets the best of the treatment. It’s there that you feel the most of her heat and wetness. It’s a slippery, thick heat that you feel traveling down your cock as if it were trying to push you out. You look down at your lap and are surprised to see streams of thick, translucent fluid pooling around the base of your cock before cascading down the dark tunnel between your thighs and water falling off your hips onto the couch.

Lara Croft was gushing all over you!

She’s stunned into orgasmic silence. All the slow, tender attentions she has been demanding were in an effort to reach this level. Her hands are grasping, white-knuckled, to your shoulders.

You watch in amazement as she lifts her head to stare into your eyes. Her chest is heaving, her jaw is open and she is licking her lips.

“Thank you.” She lifts her head up to show you how her face is glowing. “That was unbelievable, such a perfect orgasm.”

“You’re welcome, Lara.”

“I feel like I owe you the world.”

“I’ll settle for finishing,”

“Oh?” Lara’s nibbles on her lips, giving you’re a smoothly seductive look with her ‘fuck-me’ eyes. “Where would you like to finish?”

“In your mouth, Lara.”

She breaks her seductive look and laughs, “Of course you do! What is it with men and pouring their sperm down girls’ throats?”

“I do it for the art,” you smile.

“Oh sure, I don’t suppose it has anything to do with…well, never mind. If that’s what you want, lover, I would adore taking your enormous…” she kisses your lips slowly, “…slippery…” she kisses your neck, sliding her body off your lap, “…hot…”

She kisses your abs, poising just above the base of your cock, “…spunk, all down my throat.”

Her wet lips spread wide as they move over the crown of your prick and her tongue is the first to make contact. She moans a little, giving you a playful look as she wiggles her mouth down the length of your cock. She plays around in your lap for a few minutes, diving and twisting her mouth and tongue around you like it’s a game. She knows how to suck, the sensations she creates in you are as blazingly hot as a super-nova.

She pops off and begins stroking your cock with one hand while rubbing her jaw with the other.

“I can taste myself,”

“Do you like it?”

“I don’t mind it,” she smiles, giving your head a sloppy wet smooch. “How long after you finish until you think can go again?”

“Lara, I think you may be an addict. We’re not even through with this and you’re already thinking about the next time.”

“I can’t help it,” Lara said, “You have no idea how satisfying being fucked by you is.”

She continues stroking your cock warmly, twisting her wrist at the top like a true champion.

“Tell me something,” she says, rubbing her palm across your pelvis. “Did you have to go to Brazil to get your cock smooth like that?”

“No,” you laugh, settling deeper in the couch cushions and spreading your knees, “Beijing. No one takes off body hair like the Chinese.”

“It looks delicious.” She smiles, “I always wondered if seeing a completely hairless man would remind me too much of a little boy to be aroused, but your cock is so fucking gorgeous I don’t find myself having that problem…I just want to lick pudding off it!”

She brings her lips to the tip of your member and rubs the underside of your crown, smothering it with a hot wetness.

You are overwhelmed by how beautiful her face is. She’s upped the ante as well, making deep gurgling noises as she plummets down over you. It not only fills the room with a decadently pornographic soundtrack, but it also feels like heaven.

You can’t hold out much longer and when she starts playing with your balls your fate is sealed.

You don’t give her any warning; it’s more fun that way. You watch her eyes flare wide with surprise as your cum jets out. She doesn’t blink as the squirts of slippery seed splatter against the arch of her mouth.

You’re cock is bucking so hard that two ropes of cum land off target and she quickly uses her fingers to push the slick mess back into her open mouth.

You finally blink when the last spurt has found its home.

She opens her mouth wide for your inspection, using her tongue to play with you load.

“Swallow,” you whisper, stroking her jaw. You see a small flash of unease in her eyes but as quickly as it appeared, it disappears, and she slowly closes her lips and gulps down your thick cum.

“I’m such a filthy whore,” she moans with a blush.

“You can barely hide your smile, Lara,” you laugh, pulling her up on the couch next to you, “I think you like it a little more than you let on.”

“Hmmm,” she pets your saliva-slick cock, “I suppose I do a little.”

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