Lara Croft Nude Story: "Ankh 2"

“Up stairs. I’m sure you know where I sleep at.” Lara did. She’d memorized nearly every inch of the blue prints of the mansion. The master bedroom was up the spiral staircase on the left.

“What do you plan to do with me. After you’re done with me.” Lara asked as she ascended the staircase. Like most of the house it was an exercise in grandeur completely by passing what could be considered the second story where the main kitchen and game rooms were.

“Let you go.” He responded as Lara stepped into his bedroom.

Lara wasn’t completely certain what she expected when Hatta’s room to look like but the room she stepped into wasn’t it. The walls were black matching the furniture, the most important piece of which was a four poster water bed. The room was dimly lit by Salazar Ruiz chandelier, there were only twelve of them made. Lara had one. She’d expected a television, a gigantic flat screen dominating one of the walls. Instead she found a bookcase filled with books. Just a quick glance revealed some of the authors. Dr. Grant, Dr. Horner two of the worlds foremost paleontologists. “You’ve read these?” She asked continuing to scan his library. Mein Kamf, in German, Roots and several books on Egyptology, some of which Lara had used as guides on her various.

“Most of them. I haven’t completed the Koran, my Arabic is only rudimentary.” He replied. The shock on Lara’s face was obvious. Mad Hatta laughed. “I woulda thought you were smarter than that Lara.” She turned slowly from the book case. He still had a bit of the southern drawl from earlier but he didn’t even loo ok the same standing in this room without the shotgun. “You bought into that dumb nigga this shit? Can I get you a glass of Hennessy?” She nodded dumbly. “Even though you’re a celebrity actress?”

“I’m nothing of the sort!” Lara exclaimed taking the glass as he offered it. She let him drink first to make sure it wasn’t poisoned.

“Yes, yes you are. I was a Boy Scout and a soldier and I camp. I’ve funded digs in Egypt, including partially the dig that found the Ankh I recently got. You’re going to stand here and tell me that you wander through Brazilian Rain Forests wearing tiny shorts and a half top? With all the insects and diseases they’ve got? I don’t deny that there are hazards but I’d be willing to bed that for every hour you spend trying to evade natives you spent a month with a brush carefully excavating pots that may break anyway. But you go on your press conferences like your Xena mofucking Warrior Princess. Because that’s what gets you funded.”

His accusation were all true. Though she had done more than one trek through the jungle in nothing more than her shorts and tee that was usually when the cameras were present and just for show, or it was some kind of emergency that didn’t leave hr time to change. Other wise she wasn’t an idiot.

Mad Hatta finished his drink and set it aside. “Why? You think anybody wants to here me rap about how I took care of my momma, didn’t lose my virginity until I was twenty, got a scholarship and a Ph D?” He chuckled. “Same reason people watch action movies is why I do what I do, same reason you dress up like on o’my back up dancers when you find a trinket. Mad Hatta, he’s someone I made up, granted I be spending so much time as da Hatta that it’s easy to blur the line.” He was gliding easily in and out of the thicker slurs and his educated voice. It was confusing because the voices almost seemed to be different people, certainly if she’d heard both people over the phone she would never have guessed that Dayshaun Crow was the Mad Hatta, even looking at them both they didn’t look like the same person.

“I had the entire wrong idea Mr. Hatta.” Lara apologized finishing her drink and setting aside the glass. He was even sexier now that she knew more about who he was. “Why all this? Why not donate your money?”

“It’s all part of the act. If you ain’t spendin paper an showing yo niggas that you got it like that they ain’t gonna buy your shit. An’ I do donate, millions. Me an Snoop have a little league cross the country, I got me a few soup kitchens and I be given scholarships to smart ass mo’fuckers all the fuckin’ time. You don’t be knowin’ that shit. Most people don’t be knowin’ that shit.” Hatta stepped closer to Lara grabbing her face and pulling her close. “And that’s because Dayshaun Crow is the one who gives all of this money to the needy to help inform and uplift the masses. Mad Hatta ain’t down with that shit. Right now only thing Mad Hatta’s down wit is tappin’ yo fine white ass.”

Lara felt that pang return as his voice slipped back into the creation that was Mad Hatta. She knew two things right then, she knew he was going to use her, what she wanted for the night was completely irrelevant. The other thing was that she wasn’t in any real danger, not directly from him anyway. The worst he might do is call the cops on her and she doubted he would do that as long as she behaved. “You can do whatever you want to me but I’m not going to enjoy it.” She sneered. The expression in her eyes didn’t match her words though.

“You don’t have to.” Hatta replied and yanked her towards him kissing her. It was hard for Lara to resist the urge to kiss back, the way his arms felt wrapped around her, his hard chest separated from her breasts only by a thin layer of silk but she enjoyed the illusion. That he was forcing her.

“Be rough.” She whispered breaking the kiss.

Hatta quickly wrapped her braid around his hand and yanked her head back continuing to kiss her. His free hand wandered own first squeezing and pawing her tits. He pinched her nipples until she squealed into the kiss. Hatta’s mouth replaced his hands hungrily kissing across her breasts leaving hot red marks behind. It would be nearly a week before all the marks faded from her cleavage giving her plenty of reminders of his lust. That wouldn’t be the only places he left reminders of his lust. A hot trail would pass down her belly around her thighs from those same frantic kisses before Hatta lifted her onto his shoulders and tossed her down onto the water bed with a dull slap.

She was taken completely by surprise when Hatta grabbed her center and spun her around so her head was facing him and hung her head backwards over the edge of the bed. Lara knew to open her mouth when his cock pressed against her lips but she didn’t. “Open your mouth slut.” Lara suppressed a shutter that tried to rack through her body as he ordered her to open her mouth. She wasn’t certain if she could handle his cock, but she parted her lips as wide as she could handle and Hatta pushed his cock into her mouth.

“That’s it bitch. Suck this dick.” He had one hand resting on the bottom of her chin and her throat, not choking her but holding her in place as he pushed into her. Lara felt the monstrous tip of his cock pushing against the back of her suppressing her tongue as it tried to push past that threshold. “Holy shit!” Hatta gasped when he pushed into her throat. It was obvious that Lara was struggling to handle the job, her face was turning pinkish and her eyes were screwed shut but she was wasn’t panicked. Lara could handle it all.

Lara had been throat fucked before, more than once he’d been captured by the natives of whatever country she was in at the time and it was a rare man indeed who could ignore that her body was designed for sin. Twelve inches was more than she’d ever had in her throat before and even she was shocked when he bottomed out in her throat then started fucking her face and hard. If he cared that she was choking he was enjoying the fact. What man wouldn’t enjoy the world famous beauty helplessly gagging on their cock? Hatta grabbed Lara by the hips pulling her up flipping her upside down into a standing sixty nine jabbing his tongue into her already moist slit. Lara felt faint for a moment as Hatta plunged and twisted his tongue inside her.

A few minutes of that and he lowered her down until her hands were gripping the edge of the bed and he pushed into her cunt holding her in the wheelbarrow position. A normal woman would have felt the strain on her arms after just a few seconds but Lara was a world class athlete, it was hardly a feat for her to keep herself up, even in that awkward position he was fucking her in. Hatta enjoyed putting Lara through those unusual positions, the next one he tried had his arms hooked beneath her knees and pulled her upright. His fingers were interlocked behind her head like a full nelson hold only he was holding her legs not her arms and he was bouncing her on his cock. After that he spun her around so he could kiss her and sandwiched her between himself and the wall.

That was when Lara had her first orgasm, he feeling of being trapped beneath Hatta and the wall was more than her body could resist, not hat she wanted to resist. She wanted to enjoy him and she was. She dug her heels into his back and whimpered as she came. The second was close on the first’s heels rocking through her harder than the first had striating her spine and clenching her nails into his shoulders.

It wouldn’t be until Hatta got into the shower that he’d recognize the reminders Lara had given him. Right then the only thing that he was focused on was her already tight pussy cinching down on his cock forcing him to cum and then milking every drop from him until he was dry.

“Damn girl.” He kissed between her breasts then put her on feet. Lara’s legs were like jelly beneath her refusing to hold her up and sending her collapsing back into his arms. “That good?” Lara nodded up at him kissing his chest. She could taste him, his salt sweat dripping over his flesh.

The two of them remained like that for a moment until Lara’s legs were strong enough to carry her over to the bed where she sat down. There was little point in modesty but she crossed her long legs anyway. “So now I get to go free? Naked as the day I was born?”

“I didn’t say that girl. I said I’d let you go when I was done.” He growled walking back over to Lara and pushed her down onto the bed and straddling her torso. His cock was soft now, still an intimidating specimen as it rested on her between her breasts.

“When will you be done?” Lara asked watching the glistening organ between her breasts begin to swell back to it’s full length. She was fascinated by it. Watching his cock twitch and lurch with the beat of his heart.

“That depends girl.”


“Did you want to leave with the Ankh? If you did then you might be around for breakfast girl.” He smiled. “Course if you’re ready to bounce out now just say.”

Lara Croft was exhausted when she finally left Wonderland with the Ankh in hand.

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