Lara Croft Pornography Story: LARA CROFT AND THE AFRICAN SNAKE

Lara Croft Pornography Story: LARA CROFT AND THE AFRICAN SNAKE

Escaping the deathtraps of the lost tomb of Mhuntee had been bad enough, but looking around now Lara Croft reached the inescapable conclusion that things were about to get a whole lot worse.

She had just grabbed her treasure–the fabled golden skull of Mhuntee–when the floor of the cave gave way, sending her crashing and tumbling down a tunnel until she emerged into some jungle……

…with ten extremely tall and nearly naked warriors armed with assegais surrounding her.

She recognized them by their facial markings as being members of the Bunwari tribe. This knowledge didn’t improve Lara’s piece of mind. The Bunwari had a reputation of been savage cannibals.

“Damn!” Lara cursed. If only she spoke Bunwari!

The men parted and through the midst of the war party strode a giant of warrior, nearly six foot six and seemingly chiseled of rock.

“Ah, Miss Croft!” he said in heavily accented English, “We meet at last! Every tribe in Africa has heard of you and your adventures…and your beauty.”

The cruel smile still on his lips, he began rapidly speaking in the Bunwari dialect. The ring of warriors closed tighter around the their captive, all were grinning.

Thank you,” Lara said trying to sound poised and calm, “But I am merely a tourist in your country. I…”

“Oh really?” interrupted the warrior. “Then this must be a mere momento.”He reached forward and grabbed the skull out of Lara’s hand. He held it aloft and immediately the other warriors fell to their knees in worship.

“I am sure you’re beginning to realize the significance of this to my tribe, Miss Croft. How shall we punish someone who tries to steal it?”

Lara swallowed hard. This would take some quick talking.

“Actually I just found it…mister…mister?”

“My name is Chaga!” smiled the tall Negro, “but soon you will call me MASTER!”

Leather straps were brought out of a bag on one of the native’s hips and Lara’s wrists were bound behind her back. She tried to protest but the only answer she got was a prick of an assegai into her tight backside as Chaga shouted, “NOW RUN!”

The group set off at a trot down the path. Lara could only imagine what lay ahead. For the moment she would comply with the men’s demands and see what transpired. Chaga looked at her, watching how her breasts jiggled as she ran.

YES! he thought, Back to father, back to the village!

The jog through the dense foliage soon had the natives sweating freely. Lara, whose finely-honed body spoke volumes about her fitness, did not even seem to notice the effort.

“You would make a fine warrior, Miss Croft.” Chaga observed. “Such a fine condition you are in.”

He leered at her meaningfully.

“I like to stay in shape” she replied.

He laughed showing fine teeth and an evil intent.

“Good! You will need to be fit for what we have planned for you!”

As Chaga looked back he noticed that Mutesa, his brother, was approaching from the rear. Mutesa was a half foot shorter than Chaga and was heavily muscled although not as sculpted as his elder brother.

“We have a right to share in the spoils of this prisoner, Chaga,“ he growled in Bunwari.

“Do not spoil things by arguing, Mutesa. We have been lucky to find such an angel. There is plenty for all to enjoy.”

“Agreed,” Mutesa eased, relaxed by Chaga’s implied comment that Lara was to be enjoyed by the whole tribe.

The journey had gone on for over an hour in the forest, when the party broke into the clear. Lara felt it was time to gather her thoughts and think of a plan.

“I need a rest! PLEASE! I…” she pretended to pant, “just… need…to catch… my breath.”

“With tits like that it must be hard to run,” Mutesa observed in Bunwari.

Chaga laughed, answering in the same language.

“It makes it hard for me too. My shaft is getting stiff watching her run.”

Lara did not understand their speech but their jocularity and the leer in their eyes told her more than she wanted. A knot of fear was starting form in her stomach.

“Sit down, Miss Croft,” smiled Chaga in English.

He brought out a small bottle of water and, standing over her, held it to her mouth. Lara drank. The sight of the bound girl drinking from a bottle held at the waist of the standing African warrior produced some wry comments from the watching war party. Feeling refreshed, if not safer, Lara looked up at Chaga,

“What will you do with me?” she asked.

“Whatever we want to, Miss Croft,” Chaga answered laughing. “Whatever we want to. Now get up and start running. It is getting late and I want to be home before it gets dark”

Half an hour later they came into site of the Bunwari Chieftain’s kraal or walled village. Half-wild African cattle roamed in rough pens, little naked ubibi boys tending the stock. The group entered through a gate in the eastern side of the kraal and were met by a throng of the curious. A sort of clambering noise erupted from the village and people came shouting and laughing and gesticulating wildly. Some of the looks and cries were curious, some angry. Most were lewd. Farther into the kraal, the throng turned into neat rows of young men along two sides of the path. All were armed with the traditional shield and assegai, Lara noticed she was being led to a central lodge type structure where two tall warriors guarded the entrance. Before entering the group stopped. Chaga stood in front of Lara, drew himself up to his considerable size and roared,

“By the law of my tribe you are ours by right of conquest!”

“Yours!?!… You mean you OWN me?” said Lara indignantly, “This is 1999! I’m English! You can’t own me. You can’t just grab me in the jungle and do as you like. You can’t…”

The last statement was cut off as Chaga’s right hand reached out with lightning quickness and grabbed Lara by the ponytail on the back of her head. He jerked her towards him and yanked down on her thick hair forcing her to fall to her knees. Standing his eyes flashing and nostrils flaring Chaga looked down at his captive and boomed,


Lara realized that Chaga was a psychotic who would kill without any warning. It would be in her best interests to play along…for now anyway.So she nodded weakly.


“I understand,” said Lara quietly.


He looked down without pity, enjoying his role as Lara’s humiliator.

“Say it.”

Lara choked back her fear and pride.

“You own me.”

“When I captured you I promised that you would refer to me as ‘Master,’” continued Chaga, “say ‘you own me, master.’”

Lara looked up at Chaga. His eyes were bulging with pure evil. She longed to scream her hatred and contempt at him. However she knew that such behavior would shorten her lifespan considerably. Compliance was her watchword. So she took a deep breath and in a steady voice said,

“You own me, master.”

Chaga translated her words for the assembled villagers, which caused much cheering and clapping. Lara’s humiliation had increased Chaga’s prestige within the tribe. He looked around the assembled throng, lapping up the adulation. Using Lara to boost his prestige was his first benefit of capturing her. Simply using her would his second.

“Now that you have learnt to show respect, Miss Croft,” smiled Chaga, “you are fit to meet the King, my father.”

He pushed Lara towards the entrance of the large hut.

“GO IN!” Chaga ordered

Lara stepped inside to a smoky lodge, acrid with the musky smell of sweaty warriors. Seated at the far end of the room on a throne covered with leopard skins and flanked by elephant tusks sat Chaga’s father, Dingane.Not as tall as Chaga, with graying temples a grey beard and a pot belly, he wore a feathered headdress and held a whisk made of ostrich feathers and a whip made of rhinoceros tail.Around the walls of the hut sat about 20 warriors, doubtless thetribal elders.

“Here my father, I have brought back treasure,” announced Chaga.In doing so he reached back, grabbed Lara’s arm and swung her struggling athletic figure forward almost effortlessly. She landed on her knees in front of the King. She looked up to see no apparent expression in the old man’s eyes, his only movement been to run his tongue along his lips. For a moment Lara thought about groveling on the floor in front of the King.

No dammit, she thought, If I’m to die, I’ll die on my feet.

Slowly she stood up and with as much fortitude as she muster she looked at the savage King.

“Good-day Sir,” she started, “My name is Lara Croft. I am a visitor to your country who has become somewhat lost…”

The room dissolved into a rhythmic chanting. Dingane lifted his whip hand for quiet. He smiled toothily and spoke clearly and loudly in Bunwari, gesturing at Lara.

I wonder what he’s saying, thought Lara, perhaps he will force me to fight the tribal champion or face some warrior test.

Whatever it was it met with the approval of the group of gathered warriors and nobles. The room broke again into the rhythmic chanting.

“What’s he saying?” Lara asked Chaga.

Going behind her Chaga used his knife to cut the straps that bound her wrists.

“He says he would like to see you without your clothes!” he answered with a smile.

“EH?” gasped Lara looking around the lodge-house full of savage warriors.

“OH NO, not in front of all these men!”

All were laughing, grinning or leering at her with savage lust in their eyes.

“I can’t. I just can’t.”

Suddenly she was no longer Lara Croft the Tomb Raider. She was the Lara Croft who went to Cheltenham Ladies College, where stripping off in front of twenty leering black men was not part of the curriculum. Complying with Chaga’s power game was one thing, this quite another.

“YOU WILL!” boomed Chaga., “You will take your clothes off or have them ripped off!”

Lara was starting to panic, surely there was a way out of this?

Dingane made a signal and one of his “court musicians” began a slow rhythmic beating of a drum.

“Christ,” Lara muttered, “The bastards want a striptease.”

Wildly her eyes looked around for an escape route but the entrance was barred by two warriors armed with spears. It was the only exit! She was trapped!

Lara looked at Chaga and said in a voice as even as possible,

“You have to let me go! I haven’t done anything to you! I am NOT taking off my clothes!”

She looked around the room who any sign that someone was coming tt her aid. But everyone in the room was grinning at her lustily. Most had one hand under their loincloths. After a short translation from Chaga, Dingane barked an order and two of his warriors grabbed Lara, each one roughly grasping one of the redhead’s arms. Dingane strode forward, looked down at the shaking girl and then let his hands wander down to lightly brush her full breasts, making appreciative guttural sounds as he did.

“No…n-no…n-no…p-please…let’s talk about this…P-PLEASE!”Lara stammered, squirming in the grip of the men who held her.

Suddenly Dingane’s hands went to her shirt and with one violent jerk ripped the garment open, exposing Lara’s full breasts encased in her white bra. With scarcely a pause Dingane tore the bra apart and Lara’s magnificent breasts were loose. At their appearance gasps and whistles of appreciation came from the watching multitude. Then Dingane’s strong hands ran over the exposed tit flesh rolling his thumbs over her nipples and as Lara struggled they became taut and erect, the aureoles contracting. Dingane stood aside to admire his handiwork and let the others in the large hut feast on the sight of the white captive’s firm round titties.

“Let me go!” Lara yelled desperately and as she shouted, her breasts jiggled as she struggled in the arms of the two natives and every man in the room felt his cock throb at the sight.

Dingane closed in on her again unclasped her belt and unzipped the baggy cotton cargo shorts. Pushing them off her hips they slid down to her ankles and revealed a pair of fittingl virginal white, cotton, french-cut panties. They fitted snugly over her little mound of ginger bush and were tight enough that they were almost like a thong between the cheeks of her tight little round gymnast’s ass. Lara’s face blushed crimson. The warrior on her right had been grinding himself against her hip and she could feel his long cock hardening under his loincloth.

Dingane stepped forward once again, bent down and ripped Lara’s panties off with a powerful jerk. Chaga’s cock jerked in his loincloth at the sight of her heart shaped ass.Lara stood naked, apart from her brown hiking boots.

Dingane motioned the two men holding Lara’s arms to let go and back away so everyone could have a good view. Lara felt utterly embarassed, completely nude and defenseless, feeling like a tiny girl in the hands of powerful savages. She crossed her arms over her breasts.

“Don’t be shy, Miss Croft,” said Chaga, “Move your hands so all can see your lovely white titties”

Lara’s lips were trembling and her knees were shaking so much she feared she would collapse. But from somewhere she dragged a final ounce of courage, put her hands on her hips, looked Dingane in the eye and said defiantly,

“There you go, you black bastard, hope you like what you see.”

“If I were you I would start showing more respect to our chieftain,”growled Chaga, “do as we say or you’ll be hurt.. Now turn around, Miss Croft,” he continued pleasantly, “so we can see everything you have to offer.”

Lara, in answer to Chaga’s request, bit her lip, raised her arms and did a slow 360-degree turn. She was on display to these apes. Every one seemed to have his hand under his loincloth, stroking his dick.

“Bastards!” she muttered, “Bunch of stinking nigger apes!”

Dingane glowered at her and spoke to Chaga in Bunwari asking her what she had said. He translated it out loud. The room seemed to growl angrily and stiffen. Dingane rose. Speaking very quickly and gesturing at Lara.Lara cursed herself for her bravado. With considerable trepidation she turned to Chaga,

“What’s he want now?”

Chaga smiled evilly.

“My father has said you have insulted him with your mouth. You must now do homage and please him with your mouth!”

“WHAT? He’s crazy, if he…” she was interrupted by Chaga roughly grabbing her and pushing her to her knees. Two of Chaga’s bodyguard held assegais on her.

Oh my GOD, thought Lara, He wants me to…

Dingane stepped to her, and looked around the room at the twenty or so chosen retainers and underlings. With a grand gesture he handed his whip and flywhisk to a wildly made-up man who was the tribal witch doctor. He then undid the loincloth he wore, revealing a thick 8-inch black cock hanging below hairy, lust-bloated balls.

“N-n-n-no…” stammered Lara, “I couldn’t…I just couldn’t…I couldn’t put that in my mouth…not in my mouth…”

Dingane tousled Lara’s red hair and then grabbed hold of it with one hand and offered the thick head of his black cock with the other. She looked up into his eyes and saw he was leering down through narrow slitted evil eyes.

“Pay me homage!” he barked in Bunwari.

Lara’s heart started beating madly. She recalled a memory from her childhood: she once saw a constrictor snake swallowing a mouse on the television. She suddenly remembered the mouse, transfixed with panic, watching his doom approaching. She felt now exactly like that mouse must have felt knowing he’s about to be swallowed by a black snake. Except she was the one about to do the swallowing.

Dingane’s penis was now but inches from her nose. She could smell it’s heavy, musky aroma. Then it reached her mouth. She shut it tight, determined not to let this awful monster do such a horrible thing to her. Then she felt his other big hand take her pigtail and give a good yank. Pain shot through Lara and she instinctively opened her mouth.

“Yoweeeeeee!” she screamed.

The pain stopped but she realized she was tricked: she felt the salty huge penis entering her mouth but it was too late. She knew that if she’d hurt him he might kill her. Lara felt she wanted to die. After Dingane cruelly tricked her into opening her mouth, he started moving in and out slowly, lust filling his bestial features. He fucked her gently at first, then with both his hands buried in her beautiful, red hair, slowly increased his pace. Lara desperately tried to inhale whenever he pulled out a little. Suddenly he started fucking her deeper. In vain she tried to escape but his hands gripped her head tightly. Lara could feel drool escaping from her mouth and tears running from her eyes. He gave his dark lance a sudden thrust, driving it so far into her mouth that her nose was almost buried in his pubic hair. She felt that she was choking now as her body struggled and writhed, desperate for some air. Unexpected relief came to her as she felt him withdrawing. Lara coughed drooled and inhaled simultaneously, herr tormented body jerking violently, stabilized only by Dingane’s powerful hands. Lara coughed for a moment, then started panting heavily through her sobs. Around the hut she could hear sniggering. Dingane gripped her head again, ready to ram it into Lara’s mouth once more.

“Please, sir, don’t!” begged Lara, sobbing.

Chaga translated her desperate plea for the assembled throng. It started off another burst of laughter and jocularity.It was just what Dingane wanted. Raping the white maiden was too easy. What he wanted was to demonstrate his power over her, to increase his prestige in front the tribal elders. Lara’s begging did that. Now hecould finish with her. The thought of actually showing mercy never crossed his mind. He put the tip of his penis on Lara’s lips, then after re-positioning his palms in a comfortable position on her lovely red head, drove his lubricated dark meat into her throat again ignoring Lara’s pitiful muffled moans. Slowly he started once more to fuck her mouth. His pace grew faster, even faster than before. Lara’s cute nose was buried in his belly with almost every thrust. Strong hands grabbed Lara’s head as the tribal leader raped her slim white throat. Tears and sweat covered Lara’s tormented face as the African increased his pace. She could feel he was close to climaxing and hoped he would spill his semen outside. Suddenly she sensed him arch his back backwards while thrusting deeply as if he wanted to reach Lara’s lungs.

“Oh Yesssss!” he shouted as his body jerked with no control, pumping cum into Lara’s surprised throat.

Lara jerked away violently, surprise and fear filling her eyes but his powerful palms wouldn’t let her escape. Then he released her head and sprayed her face and hair with his cum. Lara collapsed on the floor coughing saliva and semen and sobbing. The room cheered in approval as if Dingane had just performed a great coup in some primitive athletic contest.”HA HA !” Dingane cried in laughter.

The room again burst into laughter. Dingane pushed Lara to the floor and then half in laughter spoke to Chaga. These seemed to be instructions. Chaga picked up a cup and threw the drink over Lara’s face, washing away some of Dingane’s spunk. Lara could taste the alcoholic content of the liquid. She was on the floor on all fours panting with fear and disgust over what she had just done.

“My father is pleased with you, Miss Croft,” laughed Chaga, “He says you will now be passed down the family tree. Starting with the eldest son ME!”

Chaga stepped towards her on the raised dais. With two thunderous claps of his hands the sniggering in the room ceased. Lara looked up again at her captor. The warrior raised himself to his full impressive height and stared into her eyes,

“I am sure a white slut such as yourself is secretly enjoying the prospect of having so many black cocks. I hope you will be satisfied to have just one at a time.”

He smiled cruelly at Lara then looked up and gave a general translation to the room which roared in laughter. It was terrifying to the helpless adventuress. She looked away from Chaga and managed to see the lecherous king Dingane leering at her and drinking native beer from a gourd. Again two loud claps brought the group to silence.

“Now, Miss Croft, You WILL do as I like. You have a pretty body. Now see a magnificent one!”

He motioned to one of his warriors who came to his feet and sprinted to the dais. Chaga handed the warrior his spear from his left hand and then undid a short leopard skin cape. Lara looked up at him. He was a magnificent figure of a man. His chest heaved as he removed a heavy necklace of leopard claws and handed them down to his loyal soldier and servant. His abdominals rippled, veins ran down the length off powerful arms, he was almost devoid of any fat. He was now wearing only a loincloth of cured leather from a black and white bull.

“Undo it,” he said motioning to Lara.

Lara knew better than to disobey. She reached out with her hand towards where the loincloth tied at his right hip and suddenly she pulled back, frightened by the thought of what the loincloth covered. Angrily, Chaga grabbed her hand and showing her his great strength pulled her and rubbed it over his muscular hip and thigh and then up over his stomach. His skin was smooth and oiled and extremely hot to her touch. Lara blushed deeper at the actual feel of this her powerful captor. Releasing her hand, he reached down with both of his and pinched down on each of her breasts andpulled her to him by the sensitive pink nipples.

“YOWWWW!” Lara protested.

“DO NOT DISOBEY ME AGAIN OR I WILL PULL THEM OFF… Now again–Undo the loincloth.”

Lara reached out again with both hands fumbling for the knot, undid it and pulled the loincloth open. Chaga wriggled his hips and the leopard-skin garment dropped to the floor of the hut. A few in the room snickered, knowing what was next.

Oh my God! thought Lara as her eyes widened at the sight of the huge African’s cock. From the base of his flat belly it hung down thick and lined with pulsing veins. Lara gasped at the sheer SIZE of the African’s tool, almost twelve inches.

She was physically frightened of Chaga’s cock, she could only imagine what damage he intended to inflict on her with it. Chaga was pleased at Lara’s shock. The look of shock on her face at sight of his cock had been seen before on the faces of female prisoners from other tribes, on the faces of those French nuns (or rather the two youngest ones) and most recently on the face of the wife of that foolish missionary. All had bowed down naked on their knees in front of Chaga’s ‘snake.’ All had been made to taste it. All had themselves been tasted the next day.

Now it was the turn of Lara Croft.

“I call it my ‘snake’ smiled Chaga as he took his monster in his hand, “Pet the mighty black snake–stroke it.” he said pointedly.

She looked up, met his eyes and knew she had no choice but to comply. Lara reached out her trembling hand and gingerly stroked the massive cock with her curled fingers. It throbbed as she touched it and began to harden even more. Now the ‘snake’ was fully twelve inches long. As it twitched she pulled her hand back in reflex. The “audience” in the room laughed at the helpless and frightened girl. Chaga grabbed her hand once more, squeezing it painfully.

“KISS IT!” he ordered. And then translated.

His father took a big swig of the native beer and adjusted his cock, which was also hardening as indeed were all of the cocks in the room. Lara’s heart was pounding. The whole room was quiet, waiting. She reached out again, the huge cock was on a level just under her chin. She pulled on the black rod, inclined it towards her lovely lips and gave it a quick kiss to one side of the head.

“MORE!” he ordered. “Lick it!”

Bending her head down, Lara ran her pink tongue out and licked the big black dick around the middle of the shaft. She was almost overpowered by his musky man-scent. She was mortally embarrassed but also physically terrified and knew she must obey every command. Obedience was her only chance of survival.


The giant African’s cock was growing and throbbing as Lara licked the entire length of his cock from the base to the head.

“OH YES, AHHHHHHH!” he moaned, “Suck it, Miss Croft.”

Lara was already blushing crimson from being forced to service this huge man and having a room full of savage spectators.


She looked up at him with those beautiful green eyes. NO ESCAPE!She pulled on the hardening penis and opened her mouth wide in order to accommodate the gigantic member. Hollowing her cheeks she began sucking on the head of the black man’s cock.


Chaga began to writhe in pleasure, his cock becoming rock hard with only the very tip in the lovely captive’s mouth. Amazingly, with the size difference and the dais, Lara was standing up while sucking on the head of his dick.


Placing his hands on her head her pulled her to him and pushed more of his now fully erect 12-inch cock into Lara’s beautiful face. Rocking a bit, he stepped from the dais and forced Lara to her knees, her mouth now full of his cock. She gagged as the huge cock pushed past her lips over the softness of her tongue and into the back of her throat. Mouth stretched wide, the redhead began to go back and forth on the black cock She was determined to fulfill his evil desires as rapidly as possible and began sucking on his throbbing dick in earnest.

“MMMPPPFFFF, MMMMPPPPFFFF, MMMMMPPPPPFFFFF” Lara half moaned and half grunted as she worked over Chaga’s swollen manhood.

Suddenly his pace became frantic. With a sense of dread Lara knew what was coming…

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH,” gasped Chaga as he felt his the thick ebony shaft erupt with spurting cum into Lara’s mouth. She tried to back away but Chaga firmly held her head.

“No, Miss Croft,” gasped the coming Chaga, “For me you will swallow.”

With her head immobile Lara gulped down Chaga’s juice as quickly as she could.. Chaga ground his hips in reply to Lara, looking down to enjoy the spectacle of his dick spreading wide the pretty lips.

“UNNNNMMMMMM!” he moaned in pleasure.

Chaga placed his hand on the top of Lara’s head and withdrew his cock from herr mouth. He stepped back from her, the monstrous cock standing fully erect and menacing. Lara worked her aching jaw and cast her eyes down on the floor in shame.

“Once again a magnificent performance, Miss Croft,” gasped the breathless Chaga.

He put his hands and his hips and started laughing.

“So,” he said, “This is the famous Lara Croft! Not such much an adventurer as a cheap little cock-sucker! Ha-Ha!”

With that everyone in the room erupted into laughter.

“Now continuing the show I pass you on to my brother.”

Chaga turned to Mutesa and said something in Bunwari. Mutesa gave instructions of his own and two warriors wrestled Lara to the ground. Each took an arm and stretched them over her head, holding her tightly in place. Mutesa straddled Lara and undid his loincloth. She looked up at the thick 9-inch cock and swallowed hard. Mutesa took his black fuck tool and rolled it over the firm mound of Lara’s left tit, pushing it over the pink erect nipple several times. His cock began to harden and to lubricate Lara’s breast with pre-seminal fluid. He grabbed both tits now and began to squeeze them very hard with Lara mewling in pain.

“Ungghhh, UNGGHHH! That hurts!”

Lara renewed her efforts to free herself and managed to free a hand momentarily and land a useless slap against Mutesa’s face. Mutesa’s left hand grasped Lara’s chin and held it firm, as she struggled uselessly against the powerful African.


The right hand landed a stinging slap to the meaty left tit.

“YOOOWWWW!” Lara cried out.


The big breasts bounced with each cruel blow.Mutesa spoke cruelly to Lara in Bunwari and Chaga translated.

“Stop struggling and the beating will stop!”

“OK, please just stop hitting me.”

Lara now noticed as Mutesa straddled her now stinging breasts that his cock had become rampantly erect during the mistreatment of her tits. He grabbed her titties again and pushed them together. Raising his hips he pushed the head of his dick into the furrow between her jugs.

“MMMMMNNNH,” he moaned as he pushed the big black cock between thepale mounds of flesh.

Lara turned her head away as the one-eyed snake began gliding in and out of her cleavage. Mutesa was squeezing her breasts very hard and his wiry pubic hair was rough on her sensitive skin as he ground his cock back and forth between her tits but she did not dare protest. With a different thrust, Mutesa slid his cock from between her breasts and held it over her face. Lara knew he was offering his tool to be kissed or licked or sucked. She looked up at the powerful warrior’s rampant dick and kissed the underside of the shaft. Mutesa kept it there. Lara worked her head to one side and gave the black man’s cock a full kiss on the head, parting her lips and working her tongue over it. Satisfied with this, Mutesa pulled back, pushed the breasts togetherand began a long stroking titty fucking of the red-haired captive. His cock soon jerked and sent gushes of creamy, sticky semen over Lara’s breasts, onto her neck and chin. Again, the Bunwari cheered. It was all a game to them.Mutesa stood up, looked down at Lara and grunted something in Bunwari. Chaga moved towards Lara, seized by her hair and pulled her to her feet. Pulling her upwards until she was on tiptoes, Chaga slowly pulled her round and round like some grotesque ballerina. Every man in the room had a full frontal of the naked Lara Croft. The grinning, leering and stroking of each one seemed to please Chaga. Eventually he stopped pulling Lara round and said something to the assembled nobles which made them clap and cheer. Leaning close to Lara’s ear he whispered,

“Would you like me to translate what I just said?”

Lara was too exhausted and frightened to respond. Nevertheless Chaga continued,

“I told them that you have passed inspection by the royal family. Tomorrow it will be the turn of the ordinary tribal members! Do not be too alarmed, Miss Croft,” he added reveling in her terror, “it will only last one day. There is only one Day of Rogering… followed by a Day of Feasting. At the feast you will be our guest of honor! In factwithout you there would be no feast!”

With that he laughingly pushed her to the floor and barked instructions to a couple of warriors. They tied Lara’s wrists behind her back, picked her up and dragged her outside. Chaga followed.

“I have given instructions for you to be washed. After all tomorrow will be a busy day!”

The two warriors dragged Lara towards another hut. On the way she noticed a large black pot set up in a clearing in the village.

“Just your size, Miss Croft!” chimed in Chaga.

“She is certainly a fine piece of meat!” said one of the men dragging Lara along. His name was Xhosi and served as one of Chaga’s henchmen.

“Indeed,” agreed the other man, whose name was Tupi, “Nice to fuck and nice to eat!”

“But,” continued Xhosi looking around nervously, “will she still fuck nice after twenty other warriors have had her before us?”

Tupi looked at his friend quizzically,

“I’m sure Chaga will make sure we are amongst the first to stiff this white maiden…”

“Oh really?” questioned Xhosi, “The Royal family, Dingane’s favorites…only then do we have our turn and Chaga has over thirty warriors loyal to him like us. She could be dead before it’s our turn and how can a corpse suck your cock?”

“What are you suggesting?”

Xhosi waited until they were at the door of the hut. He paused had a furtive look inside and then around the village.

“You and me fuck her in here where no-one else can see…we could gag her to stop her screams alerting the rest of the village.”

He spoke quickly, panting with excitement.

“If Chaga finds out he’ll have our dicks for his pot.”

Tupi had a look of horror on his face as he spoke.

Xhosi smiled at his friend and shrugged,

“As you wish,” he said airily, “it was just an idea that’s all.”

Together the two men shoved Lara into the hut, slamming her against the central pole. Tupi followed her, then Xhosi.

“Shall we go and get some women to wash her…” said Tupi turning round.

What stopped him finishing his sentence was Xhosi driving his assegai into the side of his body. Tupi gasped, looked at his friend with a mixture of surprise and shock and slid to the ground.

“Coward!” spat Xhosi, “some things are worth risking your dick for!”

Nervously he scrambled to remove his loincloth and free his cock for action. Naked he advanced on the fallen Lara.

Lara had been too numb with shock and terror to have noticed much as she was been dragged across the village. The conversation between Tupi and Xhosi had been incomprehensible to her. However been clattered into the central pole of the hut brought her to her senses. Unbalanced, she hit the dirt hard

Clumsy brutes! she thought turning to look at her imprisoners.

It was then that she noticed Tupi’s body lying on the ground with a spear in his side, the naked Xhosi stepping over it as he approached…

“Just one minute!” she protested, “Chaga told you to have me bathed, not mistreated!”

At the mention of Chaga’s name the warrior just laughed and reached for Lara. Restricted by her bound wrists Lara lashed out with her foot, but missed. Xhosi caught first one ankle and, Lara flailing wildly, the other. He pulled her legs apart and chortled as he gazed at her ginger pussy.

“No!” gasped Lara, “please…no!” as Xhosi leapt on top of the helpless adventuress. Lara tried to squirm away from him, but he was stronger. Xhosi covered her mouth tightly with his left hand while starting to ravish her naked body with his right. His palm was placed directly on her big right tit, fondling it. She could feel his warm, wet mouth kissing and licking her neck, shoulder and ear. Lara twisted and jerked her body, trying to avoid any contact with the black devil, but he was stronger and her bound wrists too restricting. He simply held her tighter and continued her torment effortlessly. His right palm now started squeezing and pinching her left breast. Hislust growing and holding Lara by her ponytail tightly with one hand, he started kissing her lips passionately, his long tongue penetrating her protesting lips. She could feel his hot, wet tongue exploring her mouth as his hand roamed her curvaceous body. Xhosi now nibbled her neck as Lara moaned in impotent rage.

“How would the white maiden’s cunt-box like the taste of my black meat?” he chuckled at her, “Oh I forgot, you prefer a black cock in your mouth! I may be a mere common warrior but I too will make use of white woman’s mouth!”

With that Xhosi took Lara’s bound, writhing body in his arms and put her on her knees. She was kneeling in front of him, her hands tied behind her body, desperately trying to avoid falling forward. His huge dick was a few inches from her face and he started moving it towards Lara’s mouth. She tried to back away but felt his big hand grip her head. She was caught!

Lara tried to rationalize her predicament. Yes oral sex with yet another black man would be unpleasant but if she closed her eyes, thought of England and did it, it would soon be over.

Besides a plan was slowly forming in her head.

So she licked her dry lips, parted them and leaning forward closed them around the head of Xhosi’s stiffening penis. Lara tasted the musky meat as it entered her mouth and using her tongue to moisten it she gave a slight suck on the top of the thickk shaft.

“MMMMMM” Xhosi moaned

He pulled forward on the handful of red hair and shoved more of his manhood into his captive’s mouth.

“NNNNGGGGHHH,” Lara gagged slightly at the new incursion of dickflesh into her mouth and drew her head back only to have the African pull her head forward and lunge his meaty hips even harder.


Lara struggled to keep up and soon her head was bobbing in time with Xhosi’s rhythm as he fucked her face. Lara now tried desperately to keep her tongue still and pulled her head back as much as she could, anything to keep Xhosi from climaxing. With a mighty effort she succeeded in tearing her head away from Xhosi’s prick. He groaned in frustration and seized her jaw.

“Suck it!” he insisted, “Suck my cock!”

Xhosi jabbed his stiff cock at Lara’s mouth and prepared to pull her mouth open.

“Please sir!” Lara said rapidly, “Untie my hands and I’ll gladly do it!”

In case he didn’t understand Lara raised her bound wrists as much as she could to draw Xhosi’s attention to them. With an understanding grunt, Xhosi let her go, picked up his spear and cut the rope binding Lara’s wrists. Standing in front of her again Xhosi pointed at his cock and ordered,

“Do it!”

“With pleasure you bastard,” muttered Lara driving her fingernails into Xhosi’s balls.

As he started to scream she stood up and drove her fist into his stomach, choking off his cry. Darting to her left she picked up Xhosi’s discarded assegai and, in one flowing movement drove it into his chest.

“Suck on that!” she spat as Xhosi’s body crumpled to the ground.

Panting with satisfaction, Lara sneaked a peek out of the door into the village. There weren’t too many people around and none noticed her.

If I had my Uzis, I’d soon get even with this lot! she thought.

However, armed only with a bloody spear, Lara knew that it was time for flight not fight. If she could sneak out of the village and into the jungle she could get a good head start before her absence was noticed in the morning. But where was the way out? All Lara could see was more huts and beyond that the kraal fence that was too high to climb. If she started to wander round the village looking for the entrance she might be spotted. Then it would be a quick fight, recapture and a day-long gang-bang on the morrow.

In the distance something sparkled…a river! If Lara could get there she could jump in and the current would carry her quickly away.

OK, let’s do it!

Lara burst out of the hut and ran pell-mell for the river, arms pumping and breasts jiggling. Some chickens were scattered out her path, she heard a cry behind her, a surprised black face popped out of a hut as she passed and then the cold water of the river hit her as she dived in. A few strokes took her into the middle of the river and she caught the current. Turning over she looked back at the village. Some warriors were running towards the bank. Even from distance she recognized the powerfully-built man leading them

Chaga had heard the commotion outside the royal hut and came out to see what was happening. His eye was drawn to where people were pointing just in time to see Lara’s tight ass disappear into the river.

“C’mon!” he roared sprinting after her.

By the time he reached the water’s edge Lara was a hundred yards away swimming with the current. Chaga was stupefied for the briefest of moments. Lara Croft was HIS gift to the tribe. If she escaped it would be HIS failure.

Chaga looked around as other warriors caught up. He noticed that his brother Mutesa was amongst them.

“Alive!” he ordered, “I want her alive! Now in!”

Some of the warriors hesitated. They knew this river, knew how dangerous it could be.

“Cowards!” spat Chaga diving into the water.

Her day so far had taken its toll of Lara’s energy. After her initial flurry of swimming she was barely capable of further movement and had to be content with staying afloat as she was carried along by the current. Looking back once more she was gripped by panic as she saw at least two swimmers pursuing her. The leader, undoubtedly the monster Chaga, was gaining with every stroke. She looked around. Could she get out and start running? Not with these exhausted legs. What then? It was then that shenoticed movement on the riverbank…

Mutesa’s eye also caught the movement on the riverbank. Brought up in the village he knew exactly what it meant…

“Chaga!” he shouted to his brother up ahead of him, “Crocodiles!”

His yelling did not seem to attract Chaga’s attention, who remorselessly ploughed through the water towards Lara.

To hell with him then! thought Mutesa first stopping and then heading back towards the village. He noticed that some of the villagers were excitedly pointing andd screeching.

“He can’t hear you!” Mutesa angrily called back.

Then it struck him that the people on the bank had been looking at him…Frantically he looked around… a dark shape was moving towards him!

Transfixed he saw one approach to within ten feet and then dive down…

“Aieeeeeeeeeee!” Mutesa screamed as the croc seized his foot.

He thrashed about wildly as pain shot up his leg.

“Mother help me!” he blubbered as he felt the cold-blooded monster begin to drag him down.

On the bank the horrified villagers could do nothing. For a moment it looked like Mutesa was free but then an enormous crocodile burst out of the water, locked its jaws around his shoulder and down he went, leaving only some blood and a dissipating mass of bubbles to mark his passing.

Unlike the focused Chaga, Lara had seen the demise of Mutesa.

One less bastard, she thought with savage satisfaction.

The blood drew the rest of the crocodiles away from Lara, leaving her with only the African monster himself to contend with.

Noise filled Lara’s head. She looked ahead of her to see white foam and rocks ahead. The thundering noise grew louder.

A waterfall!

The current increased, pulling Lara towards the precipice whether she wanted to or not. She bounced off a rock and went underwater. Spluttering she re-emerged into the air. The waterfall was mere feet away!

Dashed to death by rocks or gang-banged to death. I know what’s quicker, thought Lara stoically.

Suddenly the water was gone. Lara had a sensation of hovering in mid-air and then down she plunged…

After what seemed like an age she landed in the water at the bottom, her momentum driving her several feet deep. She fought for air.

Am I rising or sinking?

Fresh air and the bright light of day hit her as she broke the surface, gasping. The waterfall was almost a hundred yards away. How had she traveled so far so quickly? The absence of a current hit her. She was in a lake and the bank was quite close. Wearily she swam to the bank and hauled herself out on the grass. There she collapsed exhausted.


The sound from the lake alerted Lara from her panting.

Chaga! She’d forgotten about him!

There, mere yards from where Lara lay, the menacing figure of the African warrior rose from the water, a pure smile of triumphant evil on his face. Lara screamed and moved to get up but her leaden legs were slow in responding.

Run, damn you, run! yelled a voice in Lara’s head.

With agonizing slowness Lara staggered into the jungle. So many trees and plants slapped into her as she ran that it seemed she was barely moving at all. Dazedly she crashed into a fallen tree trunk and sprawled forward, her face slamming into the ground.

“The race is over, Miss Croft,” she heard a voice behind her say, “and you have lost.”

Lara could hear Chaga approach her but dared not move, lest the snake that was mere inches from her face be provoked into attacking.

“I hope you haven’t hurt yourself,” said Chaga’s mocking voice, “Every man in the village wants you fit for tomorrow.”

He started chuckling.Lara concentrated on the snake. Slowly its head rose up, the color of its dark pupils deepening as it eyes bored into those of Lara. Lara shot her right hand out, caught the snake by the neck and used her thumb to close its jaw. Slowly she turned over, clasping the snake to her side.

Chaga stood before her grinning. In his hand he casually held a knife.

“Get up and start walking,” he ordered with a sneer, “it’s a long walk back to the village.”

“Please, Mr Chaga sir, please let me go,” pleaded Lara, “I’ll do anything,” she moved forward onto her knees, “anything at all.”

“You’ve nothing to bargain with, Miss Croft,” laughed Chaga, “I can fuck you any way I want and there is nothing you can do about it! Now move,” he added grimly, “Mutesa and the rest will want to know that you have been caught.”

I doubt Mutesa is much interested in me anymore, thought Lara. She could feel the cold snake writhing against her side. Time to change tact.

“Please, Mr Chaga sir, let me taste your ‘snake’ once more,” she licked her lips, “it’s so…big…so very…tasty…please let me suck it!”

Lara gulped and tried to look desperate.

“I couldn’t…I just couldn’t…not in my mouth…’” laughed Chaga mimicking Lara’s words when she first saw Dingane’s prick.

“You white sluts are all the same, ” he continued, “first you act all shy and refuse to play along but soon you’re begging for more. Very well,” he sighed, “once again I shall grant you the privilege of tasting my ‘snake’.”

He undid his loincloth, took his stiffening cock in his hand and pointed it at Lara’s face.

“Pay me homage!” he barked.

Lara quickly jabbed her right hand out and threw the genuine snake at Chaga’s version. Freed of Lara’s constraining hand the snake bit the first thing it could.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Chaga as the snake sank its fangs into his massive manhood.

“Get it off!, GET IT OFF!” he yelled frantically dancing this way and that in an attempt to shake it loose. Lara stood laughing hysterically at Chaga’s gyrations. The more he jumped about the harder the snake seemed to maintain its grip.

“How do you like MY snake!” guffawed Lara, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

Chaga felt his legs give way and collapsed to the ground. To his immense relief the snake released him and slithered back into the jungle. He tried to rise but couldn’t. Snake venom working up his body meant that his arms were paralyzed.

“Don’t worry, Chaga, ” said Lara pleasantly while picking up Chaga’s dropped knife, “that species of snake is only fatal to the young and old. I’m sure a big strong man such as yourself will only experience temporary paralysis.”

“I suppose that now you will kill me,” said Chaga grimly.

“The thought did cross my mind,” replied Lara, “after all you’ve done to me I would be justified slitting your throat. However, I think you deserve a fate worse than death.”

With a smile Lara held up Chaga’s prick with her forefinger and thumb. The effect of the snake venom meant that it was still erect. Slowly Lara brought the knife into Chaga’s field of vision.

“Miss Croft, no…! Please, I beg you, NO!”

“Please, I beg you, NO!” mimicked Lara, using the serrated edge of the knife to slice Chaga’s cock off.

He gasped and went as pale as a black African can.

“Please, Miss Croft,” he whispered hoarsely, “you’ve had your revenge. Now kill me.”

“Kill you, Chaga?” said Lara in mock surprise, “but I’m no murderess. I’ll just leave you,” she paused, “for the villagers to find.”

“No…!” croaked Chaga, “the shame…I…couldn’t bear the shame…”

But Lara wasn’t listening. She was already walking off into the jungle, whistling a happy tune.


Two weeks later. Croft Manor, England.

Lara Croft stood back to admire the new addition that she had just put up on the wall in her drawing room. It has hanging just right.

“Your bath is ready, Miss Lara,” said her butler as he shuffled into the room.

“Thank you, Jives,” smiled Lara handing him her hammer, “Did you make that call?”

“Indeed, Miss,” intoned Jives, “Mr Ramirez said that the helicopter will be ready for you in Africa in one week. He did question why you required so many armaments added to it though,” he continued, “a 7.92mm machine-gun, twin rocket launchers and a napalm dispenser.”

“Lets just say there’s a village I went to make a return visit to,” said Lara wistfully.

“Indeed, Miss,” nodded Jives, feeling a twinge of pity for whatever village was in question.

“See you later, Jives,” said Lara leaving for her bath.

Before returning to his duties Jives looked at what Lara had been working on.

‘African Snake’ said the small plaque beneath the object. Jives examined it closer and gave a start and then let out a snigger.

“Snake!” he chuckled, “looks more like some black bloke’s prick to me!”



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