Lara Croft Bikini Story: "Lara Hurt"

Jolie ran for her life. Angelina Jolie was running as hard as she could. Her big breasts bouncing up and down underneath her white cotton t-shirt. “AAAHhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as she felt something pull in her leg. She stopped running. panting sweaty she put her hands on her knees.

“CUT!” the director yelled. “you ok ang?” he asked her. Jolie looked at him and said, “I think I pulled my damn hamstring again. “ok let’s break till tomorrow. go to your trailer I’ll get the masseuse again.” he said to her. She walked off the set limping a bit and headed to her trailer. towel in hand she put the water bottle to her luscious full lips.

She opened the door to her trailer to see a mocha colored man standing in her trailer. he was dressed in shorts and a white polo shirt which contrasted against her skin. “Oh James.” she said. “I pulled the damn thing again.”

“I know” he said to her as he prepared the table. All the running she had been doing for this tomb raider movie was killing her. Angelina didn’t even wipe the sweat off her forehead. hair still back in a ponytail she laid face down on the table awaiting James’ wonderful touch.

James large hand worked the bottom of their palms in circles on those hamstrings. “oh it’s higher up this time.” Angelina said as he worked higher almost underneath her ass cheeks which stood up proudly into the air.

“So what did you do this weekend?” Jolie asked. “Get any action this weekend?”

James was a shy kid just out of college and Angelina always played with the young shy kid who was devilishly handsome. If she wasn n’t married she would’ve made a play at him even though she never had been interested in men of another race.

“To tell you the truth…..I went to a club.” James said.

Angelina lifted her head up to look at him. “Good for you, told you to get out there. I’m sure you got lucky.” She said laughing.

James shyly said, “I almost did.” under his breath.

Angelina heard him and flipped up and sat on the table. Looking up at James, whom she had grown close to like a son, she said, “give up the info. I want to know what happened.”

“nothing happened I was just joking. now get face down so I can work on you.” James said.

Angelina got on her knees. On the table, kneeling she was almost eye to with the tall James. “Oh I’m sure you said that to someone this weekend. Give it up what happened?”

James almost blushed as he felt like a child. He then started to tell her the story……

“Well my friend dragged me to this club, this small drunk girl came up to me and asked to dance. She was really cute so we got into it on the dance floor. She was rubbing herself all over me and said to me, ‘take me to my car’. so I took her out the club to her Ferrari.”

Angelina was now sitting on the table and in her short shorts she was developing a wet spot and it was not from the sweat. “go on…..” she said eagerly wanting to hear the rest of the story.

“well we were in this parking garage and no one was around. she just ripped open my shirt and well one thing led to another….”

Angelina was disheartened that James was going to end the story. “Oh no, I want more details. c’mon did you do it there in the garage?”

“actually we couldn’t…” James said shyly.

“someone came in there and caught you didn’t they? holy shit” Angelina said.

“no not exactly…..” James mustered

“spill it now” Jolie said in a dead seriousness.

“I couldn’t fuck her.” James said sadly.

“oh my god, James I’m so sorry. don’t worry it happens to billy-bob alot. lot’s of guys have it happen.”

James almost chuckled a bit. “ummm, actually ang, it….couldn’t fit.”

“IT?” she said quizzicly.

“She said I was too big. She was crying and she pushed me off her.”

Angelina was surprised. Her eyes went down to IT and did notice a bulge that was quite large in James’ shorts. She wasn’t going to say anything directly. However she decided to use her female talents to discover if young James wasn’t lying. Since she was sitting on the table she lifted her one leg up around her shoulder.

With her leg up and her boot on the table she wrapped her arm around her leg and put her head on top of her knee looking at him. “I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sure it was her. you can’t be that big that she couldn’t fit you.”

James didn’t even hear her. He looked into her deep soulful eyes and down even farther where her shorts were riding up ALOT to say the least. His cock began to grow and instead of rising it expanded. The tip of his head began to snake down under his short-leg. Angelina dropped her leg as she saw his foreskin begin to peek out under his shorts.

“ooohh mmmy goooooddneeessss….” she quietly said as she watched the penis grow. her nipples hardened under her shirt giving Jame’s imagination more to fuel his growing manhood.

“she couldn’t fit that in…” Jolie said her voice trailing off.

James realized what was happening he slouched down to hide his growing erection and began to apologize. Angelina jumped up and grabbed him, her hand on his, the one that was holding his cock down, saying, “oh no it’s alright James. I’m sorry I was trying to get you hard so I could see if you were telling the truth. I just wanted to see it.”

“Really?” James asked her looking her right in her wide eyes. “Yes, James. That’s an incredible…” she stalled as her hand started rubbing his which was concealing his dick. “….tool you have there.” she finished. Angelina moved her hand off his and around it so she could get a handful of the thick manhood James was hiding.

“Could I see it?” she whispered. James was mezmerized by her full lips whispering those words to him. James had nothing to say. He simply stood up as Angelina began to work down his shorts and boxers. Revealing a bobbing semi hard mocha COCK. Angelina looked at him and smiled. “holy shit” she said laughing a bit as she eased back the foreskin on the log.

She dropped to her knees and began working on the head of his cock. Watching those large lips envelop his cock was almost enough for James to bust a nut right there. She looked up at him as she began to work more in her mouth. She pulled it out to say, “See James you need a real woman for a cock like…..” she put in her mouth and made a pop noise as she pulled it out. “this” she finished.”

It was so soft and big. Angelina loved it. She moved him around, her mouth on his cock and made him lean against the massage table. She rubbed her hands upward feeling his abs as he hurriedly took off his shirt. She sucked as she moved her head up and down. Her long Lara Croft ponytail touching the floor then raising again.

“hmmmm what do I have to do to get this hard?” Angelina said as she stood up. Rubbing herself against his cock it began to harden. “Angel…..” Jolie put her finger on his mouth as he began to softly speak. She pushed his shoulders backward to make him lie back on his elbows. She stepped back and unbuttoned her shorts. “Is this what you were hoping to see before?” She asked and James simply nodded.

She lowered the shorts and had some trouble getting them over her high socks and boots but she didn’t want to bother with taking the boots off. She then slowly lowered her white underwear revealing her healthy bush and thick pussy lips. She gyrated her hips allowing him more view of her folds. His cock was hanging in the air and then Angelina lifted her white sleevless shirt over her head exposing her large breasts. They were so milky white with brown nipples.

She slowly walked to James and liked his thighs and around his large dick. She pushed her large tits together around his dick. James laid his head back as did Angelina.

The two people each enjoying the feeling of each other’s heat. Her breasts were so soft and full. They felt so great around his dick. Angelina’s breasts were on fire as she felt the blazing piece of meat between her tits. She moved her head down and licked the head of this brown dick.

She lifted her head and told James to move back. As she stood up releasing her hold on James’ dick, his cock flopped back against his stomach. Angelina stepped up on this table boots on each side James slender body.

“See James smart girls know how to use their lube.” James looked as Angelina squatted down on his flat dick. Her dripping wet pussy suffocated his dick. She rolled back and forth using her wetness to lube up his dick. As she rocked back and forth on it faster she moved as far she could reached back and guided the huge dick into her.

She felt the cock spread her and brought her head down on his chest as she adjusted to his girth and length. She grabbed his wrists with her long fingers and held him down as she rode him back and forth. James could only moan. “Oh Angelina, Ms. Jolie.” he moaned.

Angelina liked being a teacher to this well endowed student. She stopped moving and James opened his eyes worried. She tightened her grip on his arms greatly and spasmed and gyrated on him. The sweat dripping off her forehead she collapsed on top of him. Still inside of her with great confidence James moved around so Angelina would be under him. He moved back and stepped on the floor. the table was at the right height and he pulled her along the table and onto his massive dick.

“oh learning something hee hee” Angelina giggled. “oh yeah” he said as he kissed her on her full lips and began to move his dick into her.

“Oh god your so big” she said as she lifted her leg in the air to accomodate this massive man. James hugged her slender leg pounding into her more and more. His rapid pace made Angelina roll her eyes back into her head as she approacher another orgasm. “oooohhhhh fuck” she screamed as he grunted more and more approaching his climax. He grabbed her breasts like big pillows and used them instead of her leg to steady her.

James rough hold on her breasts turned her on as she began to yell, “yes yes yes yes yes yes oh James pound me stud” with that he gave one final thrust and filled her with all his seed. He pulled out and fell on his back next to her. his dick still spurting his seed onto his legs. They both laid there on their backs panting. his muscular chest and her large breasts with his handprints on them heaving up and down.

“oooohh wwwwooowwww” she said smiling, staring into the air. they soon caught their breaths and Angelina reached down to her oozing pussy. She brought her fingers to her mouth tasting his cum. Angelina slowly got up her large breasts swaying back and forth. She leaned down and licked the cum off his legs and cleaned off James giant dick.

“think you can go for one more thing?” Angelina said sexily eyeing him up while licking his tightened balls. “with you Ms. Jolie, anything”. She stood up and turned her back to him showing him her pround ass. “well I’m sure you’d want to get some of this.” His cock sprung to life and began to grow. “mmmmm good boy she said as she reached behind her grabbing her new toy.

“just listen to me James and we’ll be ok. just stand up baby.” she told him. James stood behind her. his tall frame felt so good behind her. she nestled his cock between her cheeks and moved up and down like a squat jerking his cock a bit. “ok James just bring your head close to mine so you can hear me.” she told him. James smiled and wrapped his arm around her trim waist and his one hand wandered to her big tit. “ok baby just put that thing in my pussy right now.”

James gripped his big dick and slid it into her pussy. It slid in so nicely and he couldn’t resist starting to pound into her. her body rippling from her ass to her tits from his force. She put both hands on the wall in front of her. She locked her elbows to try and put up this pounding. She grunted loudly, “uuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh slow down baaaaabbbbbyyy”. James then slowed his pace. “just stand there and let me get you ready for this.” Angelina said as he stood still. She moved her ass and hips like a stripper against him. Her large ass touching his abs as she moved it up and down working his dick around in her wet, sloppy pussy. “ok baby now just pull it out and put it where you want it.” she told him biting her fat bottom lip.

James pulled out his dick and slowly began to work it in her ass. It was hard for both of them. Angelina put her head down as far she could her long ponytail almost touching the floor as he eased into her anus. “ohhhhh Ms. Jolie, this is it.” he said, a new devil suddenly released in him. the dark James wrapped his right arm around her trim waist. his hand wandering to her dripping pussy. playing with her clit. his other arm draping across both her tits to hold her in place as he began to force his way back and forth in her asshole.

Primal grunts escaped them both as James quickly regained his amazing fast pace. He was close again and Angelina was trying to claw her long fingers into the wall to get grip. he then grabbed her rope-like ponytail and pounded into her. As he began to unload his seed into her ass he held onto her ponytail hard arching her back and pulling her head back. As he finished he orgasmed and fell back onto the floor. Angelina then slowly slinked her way onto the floor. Her long fingers grabbing his now floppy dick.

what a scene. a fitness trainer/masseuse his mocha skin, sweaty and glistening as he laid back. his long dark penis folded over the long, slender fingers of a movie actress whose large beautiful breasts had his fingerprints allover them, his seed in her amazing ass and the lips that everyone in Hollywood was in awe of were around his large brown penis.

“I think I pulled something again” Angelina said jokingly as she yanked on his limp dick playfully. James could only smile.

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