Lara Croft Bikini Story: "Lara is dead"

Lara Croft’s tight-fitting white shirt was torn from her body, releasing her enormous tits and sending them bouncing and jiggling. Lara let out a terrified scream as the rotting face of the zombie smiled a disgusting grin down at her. One of the zombie’s eyes had fallen out of his socket and hung limply against his cheek. His skin was discolored and flaky, chips of skin peeling away. The zombie’s teeth were yellowed with intermittent blood stains from previous victims.

The animated corpse was entirely nude, apparently he had been a resident of the morgue before the reanimation. The cuts on the zombie’s chest also pointed to that conclusion. The fact that the zombie had no clothes on meant that Lara could see, in utter horror, the monster’s growing erection. She knew that he hadn’t torn her shirt off simply to get a better chunk of her flesh, especially since his bloody hands were now reaching for her equally tight-fitting, incredibly short shorts.

Normally, a single zombie would have been no problem for Lara, even unarmed, but this time was different. Some strange gas had been released into the laboratory she had been exploring and in seconds, Lara had been sprawled on the floor, unconscious. When she had awakened, she had been moved on top of a metal autopsy table, had been disarmed, and the zombie was reaching for her shirt. The effects from the gas hadn’t fully worn off. Lara’s limbs felt a hundred pounds heavier then they actually were and her mind was covered in a dense fog. She was aware enough to realize the trouble she was in, but not able to do anything about it.

The zombie gripped his fingers under the front edges of Lara’s shorts and yanked at them. The but tton snapped open and the zipper was quickly unzipped. From there, the zombie continued yanking, and Lara’s shorts were soon pulled down the length of her long, sexy legs. He then brought his hands back up and tried to pull her black, cotton panties down, too, but they got tangled up while they were still high on her thighs. The zombie fumbled with the panties for a short time, then simply tore them apart.

Now Lara was as naked as the zombie, with the exception of her boots, socks, and her shorts, which were pushed down around her ankles at the tops of her boots. The zombie began crawling on top of Lara’s prone form. Knowing the chances of escape and survival were dreadfully bleak, Lara thought that a reflection of how she had come to this point was appropriate.

That very morning, Lara had received a request from the Umbrella Corporation. They had asked her to break into one of their own facilities and steal several vials of different chemicals. Apparently, there had been an accident at the laboratory and all the employees had been transformed into zombies and also other more dangerous creatures had been released. Umbrella was ready to firebomb the entire place, but they needed the vials before they could. Lara didn’t like the idea of doing a job for a company that would put their own employees at such a risk, but the large amount of money they were willing to pay put her morals in the back seat.

Now she was going to pay for that lack of morals with her life. But even that wasn’t going to be as cut and dry as simply having a zombie tear her throat out. She was going to be humiliated and raped by the corpse first. As if to drive this fact into her head with complete certainty, the zombie plunged his rock hard cock into Lara’s tight cunt. She arched her back and let out a scream as the zombie drove deeper and deeper into her. It filled her up completely and then began humping, pulling out and driving back in ferociously. Lara’s tight pussy and the zombie’s very long, thick rod caused her a lot of pain, but at the same time pleasure.

The zombie placed its mouth onto one of Lara’s large tits, over her nipple, and began sucking on it. Against her will, the nipple grew hard in the creature’s mouth. She felt the thing’s bloated tongue run around the rim of her nipple and drag over the tip, causing more unwanted pleasure. The zombie was still pumping into Lara, gaining in speed. It started hammering her harder and harder. The thrusts were pushing Lara back and forth across the table. She was sweating greatly and her back was sliding against the metal. Although she was hating herself even as she started, the cross of pain and pleasure was becoming unbearable and Lara began to let out screams and cries as the zombie plunged into her, and not entirely from the pain and fear.

Finally, the zombie thrust as deep as it could into Lara’s battered cunt and released itself in her. The monster’s cum spewed into her womb and immediately caused a terrible burning inside her body. As the zombie came, it also bit down onto Lara’s hard nipple, tearing through her flesh. Then it pulled back, taking the young woman’s nipple from her huge breast. Whatever pleasure Lara had been feeling disappeared in that split second of the zombie cumming and bitting into her tit.

Again, she arched her back and let out another scream, this time simply from the pain. Blood oozed from her torn breast, spilling down her side and into her cleavage. Then she slumped back down onto the table and cried, tears streaking down her smooth cheeks. Now that the zombie’s load had been shot into Lara, it looked down at her nude, sweating body with a different kind of interest. An interest of hunger. Its hands, that had recently disrobed her, now went to her slim stomach. It tore through her flesh, more blood spilling out, and began pulling out the girl’s intestines.

Lara watched in horror as the zombie brought her intestines to its mouth and started to feast. Despite the incredible pain it caused, Lara thought it was interesting that she could actually feel the zombie holding and biting her guts. She watched the zombie eating her as the world grew black. The zombie reached into Lara Croft’s torn open stomach and pulled out another handful of guts and went back to eating. Meanwhile, Lara’s eyes were still locked onto the gory scene, but she no longer saw it, nor anything else ever again.

Tired of using its hands, the zombie began to move its head down to Lara’s gut to eat more. As it did, a gunshot sounded and the zombie’s head exploded, sending brains and skull chips flying in all directions. From the doorway of the lab stood Albert Wesker. He was holding a smoking Magnum in one hand and tucking the vials into a pouch with the other. His eyes observed the scene from behind his dark aviator sunglasses. It was a pity that Lara hadn’t made it. Wesker had been looking forward to spending some time with her after the mission. He considered an idea for a few moments, then headed towards the table.

Wesker unbuckled his pants and pulled the dead zombie off of the young woman’s corpse. He turned Lara over and hung her rear over the edge of the table, her limp legs dangling. He spread her cheeks to get a good aim at her cunt from behind and pulled out his erect cock. He positioned himself, and thrust forward. Wesker was lucky, her body hadn’t even finished cooling. As he pushed back and forth into her, he could see blood pooling around her stomach. Knowing he didn’t have long to waste, he picked up speed and quickly shot his own load into her to mix with the zombie’s.

Just as he was pulling out, Lara let out a moan and her body began to move again. She lifted her head up, her eyes milky. Even though the majority of her stomach was eaten, she felt a hunger forming. All of her humanity was gone, and all she knew now was that she wanted flesh. Wesker drew his Magnum again and put it to the back of undead Lara’s head. Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she felt something pressed against her skull. Then Wesker pulled the trigger and the front of Lara’s head exploded, once again showering the room with gore. What was left of Lara’s head fell back to the table, and she didn’t move again, except for the occasional death twitch.

Wesker did his pants back up and left the lab, hoping to make it out of the Spencer estate. He wondered if he would come across any of the female S.T.A.R.S. in a similar position. He smiled, cruelly. He hoped so, especially that Rebecca. She had a nice ass.

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